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- In the past, there existed a tradition of creating "Cabinets of Curiosities" - collections of outlandish artefacts. Is the Institute of Curiosities something different?

A - At the heart of our collection lie not objects, not things, but rather phenomena and manifestations - something intangible. In addition, the Institute not only collects, but also investigates and identifies patterns. Since the focus is on exceptions to the rules, these patterns can be called the “Rules of Exceptions”. 

- But they say that “exceptions prove the rule.”

A - This is a reduced and therefore incorrect translation of Cicero’s phrase “Exceptio probat regulam in casibus non exceptis." Its meaning is that exceptions from one rule point to another, which is their source. To a law of a different order, perhaps hidden for now. For example, Newtonian physics did a great job at low speeds. It is sufficient when you are slowly driving along a country road in a carriage. But when the speed increases to cosmic velocities, it turns out that all constants change, time strives towards zero, space behaves inconsistently, and a new physics is required.


N - But more radical changes also occur: not when a specific rule is just a special case of the next one, but when it is wrong. Conventional beliefs are by no means necessarily true. For a long time, the Earth was considered flat and for the assumption that it revolves around the Sun people were burnt at the stake.


A - Since any system is primarily interested in stability, exceptions are most often either ignored as insignificant "accidents," or perceived as threatening and therefore requiring therapeutic or surgical measures. But if careful observation brings to light more and more deviations from the learned picture, at some point they work like detonators, blowing it to pieces.

A human is something different

Interview with Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky  

by Stavros Georgiadis

Athens, September 2021

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Talking Beasts

A new programme "Talking Beasts. In Search of Intelligence" is launched together with the Dolphin Embassy and the NOW Assembly.

More details is here

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Launch of the expedition

In September 2021, the first complex expedition of the Institute of Curiosities set off.

The proposed route is from the Aegean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. "Stops" include Athens, Alexandria, Tangier, Casablanca, Ponta Delgado, Santa Cruz.

The results of the "Introduction" stage and prospects for subsequent shifts will be presented by the end of this year at a series of off-line meetings.


Incredible Human

Work is commencing on the creation of a printed and multimedia encyclopaedia: "Incredible Human." You can join the team of authors/compilers. We will be glad to welcome book and WEB designers, and will carefully consider proposals by publishers and producers.


The first workshop

The first workshop will take place this autumn in St Petersburg. It is a "hive". Bees gather here and make honey. An alchemical workshop where the elixir is refined. You can assist the masters. You can announce your own workshop. You can observe.

Topics, calendar and session locations are in discussion and to be announced. 

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Presentation of the method

Series of public talks and presentations of the programme and the method of the Institute  of Curiosities took place in October.

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