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We have found a strange footprint on the shores of the unknown. We have devised profound theories, one after another, to account for its origins. 

At last, we have succeeded in reconstructing the creature that made this footprint. And lo! It is our own.                                         Sir Arthur Eddington



A White Hole is a hypothetical object predicted by the general theory of relativity.
In contrast to Black Holes, which absorb everything that falls into their sphere of influence, White Holes are an inexhaustible source of energy.
If a Black Hole is a symbol of collapse and death, a White Hole radiates Life.

A White Hole was first localised by the NOW Assembly and the Dolphin Embassy in February 2020.


Rare cases, events with an extremely low probability of occurring, “exceptions to the rule,” are deviations from the average statistical “norm.”
They contain a "hint" regarding other horizons.
If not , they are capable of significantly pushing the limits of the possible.

The Institute of Curiosities is an interdisciplinary research and consulting project based on the conviction that humans are much more than than their own rational notions about themselves. A project on the formula for the Elixir of Life. On the human birthright. On the real nature and true capabilities of humans. On the expansion of anthropological boundaries.

Everything new lies beyond the familiar.
All solutions to problems are found outside the system that created those problems.

We allow ourselves to “swim out beyond the buoys,” in order to discover what is there. “The World is Created through Wonder” © and following wonder is the natural method of coming to know the world.
We collect, research and apply break-through discoveries, solutions, phenomena and patterns going beyond the framework of conventional rules and limitations of human capabilities.

We regard these rare cases as "rabbit holes," leading to the fullest disclosure of the potential inherent to the nature of man, but unexplainable in the context of the system of reductionist notions about normality.
If the present world of mankind is Babylon, then it is pitted with such "rabbit holes."

We register visible manifestations of events and processes occurring beyond the plane of the familiar consensus and agreed-upon cause-and-effect relationships, and emerging on this plane as “random” holes in the walls of previous notions about the world.

We are not interested in detailing and "improving" the previous methods of thinking and acting, or in disputes about them, but rather in passing through them - MANIFESTATION of the new.
For a caterpillar, a butterfly is a catastrophe. But a catastrophe with a happy end.

To see the wood for the trees and the Firebird in the egg.
This is the work of the Magi, of obstetricians.
Searches for and excavation of hidden treasure. Gold-bearing veins and kimberlite pipes. The Wizards Hat, out of which wonders come into the world.




A theory must explain all the facts; if it does not, it is incorrect.
At present, in various fields of knowledge, sufficient discoveries have been made to prove what each of us feels intuitively: the model of the world and man accepted so far is at minimum incomplete and contradictory.
These discoveries indicate gaps, rips and rifts in existing basic conventions.
Collecting these "bullet holes," through which the Universe penetrates us, into a single, holistic puzzle, locating the source of these flashes and establishing a connection with it means, finally, changing the way, meaningfulness and depth of life.

We rely not so much on individual cases, as on clusters, classes of reliably-documented phenomena that allow us to talk about the recurrence of and patterns in related events. Today, research into the array of available facts suggests that all genuine "rarities," not fitting into the framework of the agreed-upon picture of the world, lead to a UNIFIED space of as yet unrevealed human capabilities.

The conscious EXIT into this space is the project’s main aim.

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