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We have been gathering the collection of curiosities since 2012, when a comprehensive round-the-world expedition of the Dolphin Embassy took place. The task of the expedition was to study outstanding phenomena of consciousness in various cultures associated with ideas, models and practices of a possible (as we then imagined) transition of humanity to a new level of development.

The expedition showed that such a transition does not require cosmetic corrections, but the discovery of a different physics, a different anthropology and a different practice.

These three topics were the focus of the first NOW Assembly (Nature of Wonders), held behind closed doors in October 2019 in Delphi (Greece), with the participation of 150 outstanding thinkers, authors of breakthrough discoveries, and change-makers from 25 countries. 

The Assembly proposed the concept of consciousness as "the ability to choose the future" and stated the inevitability of colossal traumatic changes.

Two months later, the pandemic began, followed by events that are flaring up now.

In accordance with the intention of the Assembly, each of its participants presented their own “rare case” - a piece of the mosaic, an ingredient in the “elixir of life”, work with which, including experimental work, continued during the pandemic.

The results were presented at the next meeting of the Assembly in Mtskheta (Georgia) in October 2022, and today we have an understanding of the mechanisms of this extremely unlikely, but only possible means of a holistic and coherent exit from the situation. 



“We stand on the shoulders of giants” - we have the ideas of V. Vernadsky about the noosphere and James Lovelock about the living planet, Carl Jung’s research on synchronicity, the anthropology of Merab Mamardashvili, the invaluable personal advice of Umberto Eco, the discoveries of Giacomo Rizzolatti in neurophysiology, Erwin Laszlo’s new paradigm, non-local physics of consciousness by Amit Goswami, codes of unpredictability by Alexander Asmolov, Charter of the Earth by former head of UNESCO Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Development Alternatives by Ashok Khosla, activities and initiatives of Maneka Gandhi and Alexandra Mitsotaki, medicine of mercy by Barry Kerzin, active trance by Jean Becchio, breakthrough ethology of Jason Badridze and Jane Goodall, the physics of black holes by Gia Dvali, the dance state by Pablo Veron, the new states of water by James Pollack, long-term lessons of interaction with whales and many more meetings with people who have become our friends and like-minded people, not only exploring areas beyond the limits of contractual discourse, but also being carriers of a unified living language.



The Anthropocene is only a few years old. This is the era in which man became the main condition for the continuation of life on the planet. These same few years have made obvious a total civilizational impasse. There are no more solutions inside the old coordinate system. Hysterical patching of multiplying holes with whatever comes to hand, aggressive tightening of all screws is not able to change anything. The past, which has exhausted itself, is feverishly fighting for its preservation, swaying itself - an attempt to restrain the growth of entropy in a closed system turns on the self-destruction mode.

The train arrived at the terminal station not simply because the rails ran out, but because there was nowhere else to put them. At first it seemed that everything just slowed down for a while, it was just such a “virus”, and soon everything would “get better”, but then, of course, it became tougher - the rear cars began to rear up, crushing and turning each other.

One way or another, the survivors will have to vacate the wagons and enter the unknown landscape, accepting that what was thought to be the destination is unlikely to really be it and deserve to be involved in an endless battle.

It is necessary to change the very way of movement, and it cannot be “invented”, just as a caterpillar cannot invent the flight of a butterfly. It can only be "obtained".

Once the Earth was considered flat, and disagreement with this was fraught with terminal troubles.

Once upon a time, Newtonian physics coped with the description of reality, but as soon as the existence of other speeds became acceptable, the physics of relativity was required.

What is required is not a "light upgrade", but fundamental changes - worldview foundations and civilizational practices emanating from them. To save the princess, it is necessary that the ladder be attached to the tower in which she languishes.

This is just what we offer.



The past is complete and fulfilled, the future is no longer an extension of it. "Tunnel crossing" assumes one-way movement: you can't get out of a black hole into a white one by walking backwards - only through. It is traumatic, because you have to say goodbye to everything familiar.

The likelihood of a successful continuation of current humanity’s existence through the perspective of at least one generation, as calculated by specialists in the modelling of large systems, is significantly less than one percent. But unlikely events are the work of The Institute of Curiosities..

We are sure that consciousness is a field phenomenon. This means that a possible change in field characteristics without time delay will affect any point of the field, and any of them can become a bifurcation point.

Fortunately, Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine, who explored the “new dialogue between man and nature,” proved that in non-equilibrium systems, a microscopic factor can become a trigger for an incalculable (from the point of view of the laws of statistics) qualitative leap in development.



For a minimally holistic view of any volumetric (not flat) object, not two, but at least three dimensions are required. Especially so, for ideas about the world.

Since the time of the academician Pavlov, the science of higher mental and nervous activity has adopted the concept of two signal systems (the first is sensory, reactive, the second is linguistic, conceptual). We introduce the concept of the third signaling system - a field, dialogue, creative one, which is responsible for the direct two-way contact of the bearer of consciousness with reality. This system is an exit to a new dimension that makes human interaction with the world complete.

It makes it possible to "detect" the meaning existing in the Universe, without which it is impossible to behave in accordance with it - to lead it through oneself so that it comes true.

Every human being has everything necessary for this “by birthright”.

But any ability - creative, physical, emotional, etc. - in itself does not give anything. It can be ignored, suppressed or, on the contrary, implemented and manifested. A talented musician could spend his whole life working as a mediocre clerk in a law office.

At minimum, it is necessary that in the “permitted” discourse there should be an idea of the existence of a special ability, its presence in human nature. Then it can be developed. But first, you need to discover it for the first time in yourself.



Neurons of Von Economo (“spindle neurons”), discovered a hundred years ago and nine decades after that, were considered pathological (they are extremely few in number. They are found only in certain areas of the brain and only in higher mammals. Their size, shape and structure “do not fit into any frames”. In a word, they themselves represent an exception to the rule and still remain a secret behind seven seals for mass science. In the description of the mechanism of “amazing events” and abilities that interest us, they allow us to move from the esoteric language to the language of scientifically recognized facts.

Along with this, the latest research on consciousness, mirror neurons, brain plasticity, biofeedback, makes it possible to talk about rare phenomena not only with mystics, but also with any of the rationally minded skeptics who are not ready to take everything on faith. Moreover, this creates the possibility of conscious creation and the training of new productive neural connections. This ensures the transition of the brain and the entire human body to a different mode of functioning. Which is not only incomparably more resourceful, but allows you to clearly see deep cause-and-effect relationships and interact with them - not by "conquering the world”, but by cooperating with it.

This puts the person in a different relationship with reality.



The habit of trying everything on ourselves gives us the opportunity to act not as “theoreticians”, but as accompanying guides on this Out Of The Box journey.

The experience of direct interaction with reality is the center of all our expeditions and experiments, as well as the "routes" of people who turned to us in search of new horizons.

Ultimate consulting is like a surprise trip abroad for someone who has never left their hometown. In fact, it is equal to a sudden flight into space or diving towards whales.

Everything is different - language, culture, customs, climate, cuisine, smells, sounds ... Environment, values, landmarks, the logic of events, the metric of space, relationships with time, the image of the future, the understanding of identity ...

Here everything is a deviation from the learned rules. This allows you to realise that these are not the only possible or infallible rules. And you may choose.



Separately, it is important and joyful for us to be attentive to people who have not yet been rolled over by the socialisation machine that teaches “how to think correctly”.

In their case, personal resuscitation is not required; gentle animation is enough.

We have a "Kindergarten" and a consulting center for parents who are not afraid of discovering and exercising the giftedness of their heirs, including in unexpected areas.

A garden where sprouts of completeness are taken care of.

Identification of individual features of young people, reliance on which gives the ability to live "fully grown" in the future.

Diagnosis and educational approach, based not on the cultivation of averageness, but on the development of vocation.



The residence of the Institute (at the Dolphin Embassy in the Canary Islands) exists in a mode that Maurice Maeterlinck gave the name "Beehive" - bees swarm here, which together make honey. 

If you have a relevant case that interests you or simply beckons, please contact us.

In our residence there is a "Wish Machine" - a tool for understanding the life path and true aspirations, which allows you to significantly increase the likelihood of the most sincere desires coming true within a few weeks after a personal experience.

This is a personal designer of Peak Experiences and a workshop on the plasticity of reality.

"Along the way" it contributes to the activation of the Third Signaling System.



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