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A constantly-growing private collection of proven amazing facts, exceptional phenomena, unlikely events, extraordinary abilities, solutions and discoveries. “The Museum of Non- Material Rarities.”



A research programme based on observations, experiments, identification of patterns. Data verification, differentiation between diamonds and glass. Synthesis of results aimed at identifying the universal "drivers" of human nature and behaviour, expanding the fullness of life. Determination of the correlation between physical, psychological, social, intellectual and spiritual factors of human fullness.


Thematic expositions and demonstrations. Held in different places throughout the world where a White Hole is localised for one evening, either based on the initiative of and invitation by the owners of the place, or due to circumstances.
The first comprehensive presentation of the project’s results and prospects will take place in the middle of 2022. There will be 33 guest chairs in the “hall.” The show’s venue will be announced personally.



An international community interested in the realisation of human potential. A permanent seminar featuring discussion of hypotheses, generation of new routes and experiments, interviews with unusual people. Reports and demonstrations on the results of research and expeditions - discoveries extracted from "rabbit holes."


Consultation centre. A garden where care is given to the sprouts of fullness. Identification of the "peaks" of an individual’s personality and ability to live "to their full height."

An educational approach based not on cultivation of the average, but on development of vocations. Individually and for established couples.



“Wish Machine” and “Shop of Miracles.” A direction finder for the desired future. Peak experiences, direct impressions, , alternative realities and other attractions beyond the familiar. A tasting menu of your own capabilities.


Wanderings and adventures on the borders of described reality. Personal trajectories and routes "Through the Looking Glass." Individual excursion programmes with immersion “Out Of The Box.” “Space tourism” within the boundaries of the noosphere.
The first complex international expedition into a "WHITE HOLE." (Departure - autumn 2021)



Located in the Residence of the Dolphin Embassy (Tenerife). Visits by prior arrangement.
A floating laboratory, as a rule navigating the Mediterranean Basin and the Atlantic Ocean. Guest cabins are possible. Preparation for the opening of the permanent headquarters in Europe is currently underway.


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