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If among these snowdrifts there was a caveman, what could he conclude about the structure, purpose and possibilities of the unknown and “invisible” which is covered with snow?

We can mess around, viscous, drowning in the snow. Break off mirrors and antennas and find a use for them to the extent of understanding, say, crack nuts with them. Or overcome the fear of the unknown and unearth a vehicle that can take us wherever we want.

Based on the visible fragments of the hidden, we restore true usefulness. The careful accumulation of exceptions to the rules is the threshold of transition to new ideas about one's own normality.

Recalling the well-known parable about the blind wise men feeling the elephant, which they have no idea about (touching the leg assures that there is a tree in front of him, touching the trunk - that there is a snake in front of him, etc.), we can say that we “only” succeeded to put together the elements of the mosaic, discovered by the sages in different fields of knowledge.

Their sum is emergent - it has qualities that none of them have individually. Meet this whole Elephant.

He is amazing.


When you have been taught all your life only how to swing a baseball bat, you simply can’t imagine you are holding a magic wand. To discover it, is a grand revelation. 

A person is not what they are told about him in modern school and television series.

The Institute of Curiosities presents a different model of the individual and humanity - Homo Unicus, where Unicus means: 1. United, unified; 2. One of a kind, unique. The space of his life is the realisation of this combination of interconnectedness and uniqueness. Both of these components are ignored by the accepted paradigm of human sciences and the education system.

Of all exceptional rarities, the most paradoxical is Homo Unicus. The paradox is that despite such a fullness of realisation being natural for humans and now also necessary, although they possess it as a potential they know nothing of it and, as a rule, don’t want to know. 

We believe this is the main secret of modernity, the main fear of a system that has exhausted itself and the main hope for the human being and society.




We have tools that allow you to tap on the walls of your dwelling to reveal doors hidden under plaster or behind painted hearths, hatches in wardrobes and sliding panels not marked on the plan. They are difficult to detect in the usual way; in a sense they lie in another dimension, for which the “third signal system” is given to a human, even if he or she does not suspect its existence. They are non-local and exist now where you are.
The effect is comparable to turning on the light in a space where previously you always had to move by touch, guessing the structure of this world, its limits and what lies two steps away.
However, for the vast majority of adults, everything has reached such a neglected state that an instant result is not only impossible, but also undesirable. Instead a sequence of certain unusual actions lasting several weeks is required.

This involves a radical change in worldview, of which very few are capable. Therefore, in the near future this is exclusively a leadership story. 

No exit without a request.
Is this an individual story? Yes. But in the ideal case - in a pair.
What about companies? Communities? If the leaders of the company do not see through the exit and instead try to retreat into the past, one way or another the company will not last long. Any of them. From small businesses to giants. 

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