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Stanislaw Lem

What was is that drove our search for «miracles»? An attempt to find a multiplication of our current capabilities.


A holistic notion of health and medicine. The phenomenon of spontaneous remissions. Reserves for psychoregulation of the body. Bodily competence. Synaesthesia.
The psychophysiology of extreme situations. Hidden resources of the body.
“Blue Zones” - regions featuring high levels of natural longevity and well-being (both physical and psychological), considered extraordinary from the perspective of the average "norm."


Creative potential and talents - artistic, scientific, leadership, communicational, spiritual... Giftedness, vocation. Savant syndrome. The phenomenon of genius and “the strategies of geniuses.”
The source and morphogenesis of the new.



Dreams, intentions, aspirations.
Figurative and symbolic thinking, imagination as a "bridge to the invisible possible." Designing desired realities.
"Wish fulfilment" and dreams coming true. Realisation of the “impossible.”
“Vital energy” and strength, “luck and good fortune,” “flow” and resource states. Happiness.


Non-locality of connections. Intuition. Premonitions. Empathy. Sagacity.
Cultures and communities demonstrating “unusual” possibilities of interaction between man and nature.
Individuals with a developed “field element.” Morphic resonance. Interspecies interaction. Therapeutic and enriching communication with dolphins and whales, other large mammals, as well as plants, water, etc. Opportunities for joint doing.

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Curiosities. The unexplainable that nevertheless occurs.
The “out of the ordinary.” That which it is not clear “what shelf to put it on.”
Codes of non-computability.
"Random coincidences," “short circuits” - events with an extremely low probability and a non-evident cause-and-effect relationship.
The precision of choices and meaningful results of actions without external "fuss."


Unique destinies. "Lives of Remarkable People."
Conscious non-conformism - “the ability to remain in the minority.”
Humour and Game. Tricksters and holy fools.
Crossing a "black cat’s path" (superstitions and prohibitions) - entrance into a different space.
Internal drivers of behaviour, superseding instinctual behaviour - verbs without an imperative form.


Gaps in ideological and behavioural constructions. Lacunas and mysteries. Breaking stereotypes. Opening up vicious circles. Ending automatisms. Exiting the familiar suggestion. "Shamanic Stopping of the World". "Glitches in the Matrix " and revolutions in consciousness.
Peak and mystical experiences, sudden revelations and discoveries.
The ability “to see the invisible”.
Trust and faith. Possunt quia posse videntur.
"Above the mind" - metanoia.

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