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Inside a closed system at the moment when the entropy has almost reached its maximum, there are no ways to "heal" the situation, no way out of it. We are not talking here about some separate branch of activity and not about one specific country, but about civilization as a whole, built on the pathological foundations accepted so far.

This is bad news for everyone looking for a way out, but hoping for a "return to the normal past." The past is finished and the possible future is no longer a continuation of it.

The good news is that exits are possible. But they unconditionally lead away from the system, which included an irreversible mode of self-destruction. These exits require a revision of the very foundations of lifestyle.

The chance for the successful continuation of the existence of the current humanity in the perspective of at least one generation, calculated by specialists in the modeling of large systems, is significantly less than one percent. But unlikely events are the work of the Institute of Rarities.

Complex problems do not have simple solutions, and the solutions in question are a very complex story, because they are extremely new and unusual, and therefore frightening. To give up everything that was familiar is painful.

But you can't sit on two chairs anymore. And you can't drag a camel through the eye of a needle. And you won't find clues on talk shows.

This does not mean that they do not exist.


Exceptions to the rules. Rare cases. Incredible, but happening events.

We do not turn away from them, but we look into them as far as possible to see where they lead.

We have been doing this for more than ten years, since 2012, when, as a result of a comprehensive round-the-world expedition, the Dolphin Embassies for the first time announced that the resources of the current society were exhausted, the train arrived at the terminal station not just because the rails ended, but because there was nowhere to put them further . And if until recently this was not obvious, then after a very small number of years it could not but become clear and hard, because the cars following the stopped locomotive always rear up.

Unfortunately this is starting to happen.

A total crisis, a "perfect storm", a global civilizational impasse.

At such moments (although there was no “like” - the Anthropocene is only a few years old), the system frantically fights to preserve itself, tightening the screws in all directions, becoming more and more aggressive and hysterical, plugging the multiplying holes with whatever comes to hand.

We are exploring these holes. Light shines through them and fresh air seeps through.

Exceptions to the rules can change the rules. Propose rules of a different, higher order.

Show a new horizon, a new meaning and image of the desired future.

Once upon a time, Newtonian physics coped with the description of reality, but as soon as the existence of other speeds became acceptable, the physics of relativity was required.

To get out of the impasse we need not cosmetic corrections, but a different physics, a different anthropology and a different practice.

These three topics were the subject of the first NOW Assembly, which was held behind closed doors in October 2019 in Delphi (Greece) with the participation of 150 outstanding thinkers, authors of breakthrough discoveries, and change-makers from 25 countries, stating the insurmountability of colossal traumatic changes, but not yet having time to propose specific steps - two months later, the pandemic began and subsequent events that are flaring up now.

The Assembly continued its work, meeting again in Mtskheta (Georgia) in October 2022, and today we have an understanding of the mechanisms of this extremely unlikely, but the only possible, holistic and consistent way out of the situation.

Recalling the well-known parable about the blind wise men feeling the elephant, which they have no idea about (the one who touches his leg assures that there is a tree in front of him, that he touches the trunk - that there is a snake in front of him, etc.), we can say that we only managed to put together mosaic fragments discovered by sages in different fields of knowledge. Meet this Elephant.

He is amazing.


Analysis of clusters of various exceptions and rarities (longevity, spontaneous remissions, extraordinary thinking patterns and results of activity, the phenomenon of genius, savant syndrome, peak experiences, synchronicity, spiritual healing, mystical experiences, interspecies interaction, intuitive discoveries, other cultural codes, etc. .) made it possible to reveal the areas of their intersections.

The discovery by our international and interdisciplinary scientific group (including anthropologists, neurophysiologists, doctors, psychologists, ethologists, sociologists, etc.) of the “third signal system” responsible for the direct interaction of a person with the sphere of the transpersonal, called the noosphere by V. Vernadsky, radically changes the idea of human nature and opportunity.

Any ability - creative, physical, emotional, etc. - in itself does not give anything. It can be prohibited, suppressed or, on the contrary, implemented, manifested. A talented musician can spend his whole life working as a mediocre clerk in a law office.

Talents, like muscles, need to be developed. At a minimum, it is necessary that there is an idea of their presence. First, you need to discover them for the first time and be surprised.


Brain plasticity, mirror neurons and Von Economo neurons (responsible for processing large amounts of information, criteria for moral assessments and choices, the field component of communications, etc., and still remaining a mystery behind seven seals for mass science), the latest research on consciousness, biological inverse connections give an idea of the transition of the brain and the entire human body to a different mode of functioning, not only incomparably more resourceful, but making it possible to clearly see deep cause-and-effect relationships and interact with them - not “conquering the world”, but cooperating with it.

The Institute of Rarities presents a different model of personality and humanity - Homo Unicus, where unicus - 1. United, united; 2. The only, unique. And the space of his life is the realization of this combination of interconnectedness and uniqueness. Both of these components are ignored by the accepted paradigm of the human sciences and the education system, which excludes both the vital interdependence of all and the incomputability of each subject.

Of all the exceptional rarities, the most paradoxical is Homo Unicus. The paradox is that in fact such a full value of a person is natural, and now it is necessary, but, having it, he does not know anything about it and, as a rule, does not want to know.

We believe that we are talking about the main secret of modernity, the main fear of a system that has exhausted itself and the main hope of a human being and society.

But this requires a radical change in worldview, which very few are now capable of.

Therefore, in the near future this is an exclusively leadership story. No exit without asking.

We have tools that allow you to tap the walls of your dwelling to reveal doors hidden under plaster or painted hearths, hatches in wardrobes and sliding panels that are not marked on the plan. They are difficult to detect in the usual way, in a sense they lie in another dimension, for which the “third signal system” is given to man. They are non-local and exist right now where you are.

The effect is comparable to turning on the light in space, where you always had to move by touch, wondering about what the structure of this world is, what are its limits, and what is two steps away.

However, for the vast majority of adults, everything is so neglected that an instant result is not only impossible, but also undesirable, and a sequence of some unusual actions lasting several weeks is required.

Is this an individual story? Yes. But in the ideal case - a steam room.

What about companies? Communities? If the leaders of the company do not see through the exit and try to retreat into the past, the company will now one way or another not last long. Any. From small businesses to giants.

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