A White Hole was discovered (consciously acknowledged) in January 2020 by the Dolphin Embassy and the global NOW Assembly.


The Dolphin Embassy is the first centre of research into the modern era proceeding not from the anthropocentric position of “conqueror of nature” and its “crown,” but rather from the perspective that sees the planet as a unified, living and intelligent organism. And as a specific case, from the perspective of dolphins and whales, the most ancient and developed carriers of consciousness on Earth.


Spheres of interest of the Dolphin Embassy up to 2020:

* anthropological boundaries and human capabilities

* transformative peak experiences

* existential consulting for private business executives

* “Archaeology of Possibilities” round-the-world expeditionary research 

* exploration of the nature of “wonders"

* ongoing experience of communication between humans and free cetaceans

* interspecies interaction between carriers of consciousness



The Global NOW Worldview Assembly

was convened by the Dolphin Embassy in Delphi in October 2019 as an independent interdisciplinary club of thinkers, authors of breakthrough discoveries, ideas and projects, as well as generators of change convinced that a radical transformation is necessary and inevitable right NOW. 

The Assembly featured the first discussion of a consistent, holistic picture of the world, focusing on its three dimensions:

* new physics

* new anthropology

* new practice



The “White Hole” discovered (consciously acknowledged) as a result and which constitutes a source of new practice, is capable of instantly engaging groups of specialists grown by the Assembly’s participants, in order to form interdisciplinary teams of any configuration, necessary in facing the actual challenges related to overcoming collapse and exiting a civilisational impasse.

Localisation of the White Hole:

* January 2020 - Canary Islands

* February 2020 - Moscow

* March 2020 - Madrid

* August 2020 - Azores Islands

* October 2020 - Moscow

* December 2020 - Maldives Islands