A Black Hole is a symbol of total collapse from which it is impossible to return.

The only possible exit is to go through: into a White Hole.

If a Black Hole absorbs everything, including time and space, a White Hole is a source of constant emanation.

The difference is like that between to take and to give.


At the epicentre of the collapse, dispersed, caught separately behind closed doors, what can we do?

Consciousness is the ability to choose the Present. The capability not for reactive, but proactive actions. Precisely NOW I am able to act in an uncomputable manner in accordance with what I consider more important than instinctive actions...

For the first time in human history, we all simultaneously stand before the resolution of the most important existential questions: about life and meaning.

It is impossible to picture a more important and deeper connection between all of us.

Consciousness is a field phenomenon. The coherent thought of a multitude of people ensures the choice of one scenario out of the many possible ones. It physically changes the world.

Let’s do it.

On 12th April 2020, 21:00 let’s be together: above all closed borders, deeper than all of our differences, beyond any kind of xenophobia.

21:00 local time - in this manner, every hour this doing will shift by one time zone, circling the Earth in the course of a single day.

There are no longer “his/her” or “their” problems that are not yours. Mine. Ours. There are none distant among one’s neighbours...

Let’s move our common history out of the current deadlock.

12th April 2020

If you can pray: let it be a prayer.

If you practice meditation, meditate. Now there is no contradiction in this.

If you have not yet learned to pray: make a wish. But only the most important and sincere. It will be a prayer.

If by that time you don’t yet have a sincere wish, do something: act. Not for the sake of profit. Ensure that it is the kindest possible act. It will be a prayer in action.

Embrace those with whom you are inseparable these days. Call those from whom you are currently separated. Let it be a call filled with gratitude, a request for forgiveness or a declaration of love. For those whom you are unable to call now, or ever again, think what you consider to be the most important thing to say to them. 

Write one main phrase or a single word addressed directly to the universe, so that the world can read it: in a piece of paper, on a window pane, on your balcony.

Not a single message is left unheard.

Let it take as much time as you need: a few minutes, an hour, or more...

During this hour, with all due respect to expressions of solidarity, you don’t need to bang saucepans together and applaud. For this Meeting it is not necessary to use on-line meetings.

This Doing requires our simultaneous silence and concentration. 


The meaning of the 12th April is the victory of Life over Death.

Catholics celebrate Easter Sunday. The Orthodox: Palm Sunday, followed by Holy Week.

It is the day of the first manned flight into space – the space of overcoming our limitations.

The day of the opening of the White Hole.

The ability to choose the Present.


Please share it.

There must to be ENOUGH of us.