The TRANSIT ZONE as the TERMINAL itself: the terminal point of previous routes.

You are no longer where you flew from, but not yet where you were flying to. It’s also not yet known whether it will be possible to fly anywhere—a cataclysm occurred, everything suddenly froze...

What is it like to find yourself in the middle of nothing? In the pause between the past and the future, in the interval between intention and embodiment, in the gap between the known and the unknown, having disappeared from the radars of time and space?

Finding yourself here for an undetermined period, you have to amuse yourself somehow.

This is a business lounge, arranged with maximum comfort. Here everyone organises their own occupations, there is all you need and everything is extremely customised.

Here you can choose one of the many options of the present: the authentic one, because the real present is the authentic one.

You can also choose how you treat it. For example, as an unexpected retreat centre or spa hotel: an all-inclusive package of treatments. As a mystery play, where the symbolic death of the old is indispensable for the birth of the new.

There is a time to embrace and a time to avoid embracing. A vocation: a vacant period, liberation from exhaustion and a change of roles at the turn of times. A carnival. An extreme. A threshold.

Enjoy it, "stuck between worlds." No one will move anywhere ahead of time.