Curiosity Club

A radiant (literally "that which radiates") is the point of the celestial sphere at which the visible trajectories of meteors belonging to a single stream intersect. The visual centre of a meteor shower, indicating to the terrestrial observer its source.


Ways of life, cultural codes and communities demonstrating “unusual” possibilities of interaction between man and nature. Models of education and upbringing based on the development of internal resources not related to technological innovation. Regions featuring high levels of natural longevity and well-being (both physical and psychological), considered extraordinary from the perspective of the average "norm."
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Holistic medicine. The phenomenon of spontaneous remissions. Reserves for psychoregulation of the body. The psychophysiology of extreme situations. Hidden resources of the body. Body competence.


Interconnectedness. Empathy. Altruism.
Interspecies interaction.
Therapeutic and enriching communication with dolphins and whales, other large mammals, as well as plants, water, etc.

Opportunities for joint doing.
Experiencing of the unity of the world and identity. Love.
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"Inexplicable" knowledge, peak and mystical experiences, sudden revelations and discoveries, clairvoyance and intuition, healing capabilities, hypersensitive perception.
Dreams. Figurative and symbolic thinking, imagination as a "bridge to the invisible."
The ability to “see the unseen” - non-local connections and transpersonal meanings. Metanoia.


Artistic, scientific, leadership, communicational, spiritual...
Creation of the new as a personal necessity. Giftedness, talent, vocation.
Savant Syndrome.
The phenomenon of genius.


The “ability to remain in the minority” - conscious non-conformism.

Humour and Game. Tricksters and holy fools.

Crossing a "black cat’s path" (superstitions and prohibitions) - entrance into the mystical space.

Life as service and a creative project aimed at realising inherent human potential.

The non-dependence of choices and mental state on external circumstances in neutral and unfavourable conditions.


Synchronicities and "random coincidences," violations of statistical probabilities, "happy accidents" and "wish fulfilment."

How does what is considered impossible come to be?

The precision of solutions and results of actions with an external minimum of "fuss."

Meanings and worldview as a source of non-instinctual and non-reactive action.

“Vital energy” and strength, “luck and good fortune,” “flow” and resource states, happiness and joy.