The equations of the general theory of relativity indicate that White Holes exist, although until now they have remained hypothetical objects.

In contrast to Black Holes, which absorb everything coming into their field of influence and release nothing outward, White Holes are an inexhaustible source of energy, independent of any external influences.

If a Black Hole is the collapse of space and time, a White Hole is “going beyond the event horizon.”

If travelling into a Black Hole is a fatal attraction, the moment of passing THROUGH a White Hole is a VITAL event, as a result of which Life does not collapse, but blossoms.

A change of epoch has occurred: the civilisation of consumption has absorbed itself and collapsed.

It is impossible to go back out through a Black Hole. There is no sense in swimming against a tsunami; these are force majeure circumstances.

You cannot restore a world irreversibly “eaten” by a Black Hole.

Previous patterns, skills, habits, indicators and gadgets no longer work: the constants and characteristics of the field have changed.

The only way out is through a White Hole.

The big bang’s epicentre is the Eye of the Needle.

It is impossible to assist another inside of it. Each of us makes this journey in solitude and must “travel light,” taking only what is inside of him/her at this moment. And each will only be successful through experiencing a transformation (metanoia) that represents a catastrophe for past beliefs and practices.

A White Hole entails going through what was seen as a dead end, finding the most important thing and surviving in it, and emerging from the other side...

This “most important thing” in actuality differs to such a great extent from what was previously considered to be such, that, until the dust settles, it can neither be fulfilled (because it requires complete clarity of consciousness), nor even heard...

Therefore, the first step is to cease all movement in order to see and to be silent in order to hear.



A Black Hole is a symbol of total collapse from which it is impossible to return.

The only possible exit is to go through: into a White Hole.

If a Black Hole absorbs everything, including time and space, a White Hole is a source of constant emanation.

The difference is like that between to take and to give.


At the epicentre of the collapse, dispersed, caught separately behind closed doors, what can we do?

Consciousness is the ability to choose the Present. The capability not for reactive, but proactive actions. Precisely NOW I am able to act in an uncomputable manner in accordance with what I consider more important than instinctive actions...

For the first time in human history, we all simultaneously stand before the resolution of the most important existential questions: about life and meaning.

It is impossible to picture a more important and deeper connection between all of us.

Consciousness is a field phenomenon. The coherent thought of a multitude of people ensures the choice of one scenario out of the many possible ones. It physically changes the world.


Urgent — Personal — Eternal.

For human beings, communities and systems capable of relying on the forces of the world without destroying it.


- the ability to choose the Present

- anthropogenesis at the moment of the big bang

- a practice on the other side of collapse


A chance to start a new chapter from a blank page.

On condition that we are ready to write new words on it.