White Hole is a cafe where anything can begin.

It is a reflection of what happened to everyone, only without the mass media panic and hysterical predictions: one day you enter an almost familiar space and go right through to another universe.

The White Hole opens in the year when the former is completed and the new is fresh and spacious.

You can discuss unseen new seas, but this place is not for discussions; it is for setting sail.

Here, there is a new coordinate system, a new understanding of territory, a new metric of space, new routes and journeys, impressions and experiences.

Nothing here is covered with dust and limescale. Here, no one is engaged in "rebuilding and resetting." No one tries to construct anything out of old blocks.

Here, there is a new substance for creating the future and EXITS from despair – to suit every taste and height. There are very funny ones and those that pretend to be serious. It is a handcraft workshop: here the present is sewn together, only with the participation of visitors. Individual guidebooks to the new world are written here, from which general ones are compiled.

The cafe is not open every day and not in every place, but the choice of moments and places is sufficient.

Here you can treat yourself or someone close to you to a cup of coffee. The least important thing in this will be the coffee, although it will be good.

The White Hole is not required for those who want (and think that it is possible) to remain in the familiar. It is not required for those who are convinced that they are already in a brave new world. It exists especially for those who are somewhere in the middle of the journey—"in the tunnel"—as a service for transit passengers. People, communities, organisations.

Offline only.